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Hello everybody, In this article, we are going to discuss about the Rules of kabaddi

What is Kabaddi & Who Found it?

Firstly, I want to advise everyone that kabaddi is a local Indian sports game that is funded by India. This game is evolved from our ancient game called Kushti. Kushti is a physical game that is usually known as Wrestling at the current time.

Kabaddi is also a physical game but this game isn’t totally different from Kushti. But the difference is that Kabaddi is a group game but the Wrestling isn’t. But both the game is so aggressive, that is why it becomes so popular all around the world.

Firstly it attracts all the Indian individuals when an Indian Sports league launched named Pro Kabaddi League began in India. It was published on Star Sports sports channel every day during the league runs. Day by day the popularity of this game increases and results in the world cup of Kabaddi.

Many of the individuals of other countries are interested in his game. That is why it becomes an incredible success for the founder and sponsors. Because of the popularity, this Pro Kabaddi League was published every year in the summer season.

Rules of Kabaddi | All You Need To Know

Before we start I want to share some fundamental knowledge about it. Kabaddi is a group game. There are two groups in one game, each group consists of seven players. These seven players are maybe raidersdefenders, and allrounders. Each game is separated into two halves, each half consists of 20 minutes and the entire game is about 40 minutes.

Before the match begins a refry tosses a coin an asked one of the captains for his decision. If the choice is right then he will able to choose the Kabaddi court which he needs. If you don’t know-how is the court of kabaddi then I will post a guide of it.

1. Rules Of Kabaddi For Raiders

  • Before I tell you rules about raiders I have to tell you who is raider? A raider is an individual who starts raid in the opponent’s section and the raid time is 30 seconds.
  • Each group has some raiders when the raid begins raiders have to go in opponents area to touch him and come back on his court.
  • If he will succeed in touching his opponent, and after that, he will come in his court then, then the player of opponents team will be out until his group takes a touchpoint and restore him.
  • While raiding every raider should have to speak Kabaddi – Kabaddi it the raid it ends. If he doesn’t do that then he will be naturally out and the other team will make a point.
  • When the raider touches any of the opponent’s players then the yellow lobby was activated which was the piece of the court. After the touch, each player can go on it and use it as a court.
  • In every raid the raider should cross the balkline which was on the opponent’s side else he will be out.
  • After two empty raids, a do or die raid comes in which raider ought to have to make a point. If he failed in taking the point then he will be out.

2. Rules Of Kabaddi For Defenders

  • Every group consists of seven players, In which some are raiders and some are defenders. The defender needs to catch the raider and stops him to touch the center or middle line.
  • Mainly defenders are situated on the corners since he needs to get the raider.
  • When raider touches any of the defenders then the yellow lobby activated for all players on that segment. While the raid is running if any player puts his step out the court then he will be naturally out.
  • The defender has many options to out the raider. Many of the defenders can get him, and they also have the chance to put him out of the court.
  • If the defender dashes the raider out of the court then the raider will be out.

Some Other Rules Of Kabaddi

I think I have covered all the standards of this classic Indian sport which is commonly known as kabaddi. But in this sport, some other rules are also present which are known as Technical Point.

If any player pulls another player’s jersey then a technical point should be given to the next team. And some of the rules are so strict of the coaches of the teams. If they make noise during the raid and trying to tell his player about how to play they will get penalties.

A rule which I forgot to tell is that in each game a team has an opportunity to substitute a player. If the captain and coach want then he will substitute 5 players in a sport. If I think that the article need more content then I will upload it too. 

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