Photography Tips When It’s Raining

Do you love the sound and sight of rain? If you do, then you can consider this as a incredible opportunity to take wonderful photos.

Though many of you may be unaware, the scenes after the rain and even during the rain provide a golden opportunity to utilize your creativity and take some of your best shots. It can be tricky, but with patience and a creative mind, you can be sure to accomplish your goal.

One of the reasons why rain photography can be exciting to pursue is because of the shapes, colors, and shadows you can capture whether you’re an hopeful photographer or already an experienced one.

Consider raindrops falling, raindrops hitting a surface such as an umbrella, the soil or a concrete floor, droplets on grasses and flowers, various colors and shadows on the reflection of all things wet with rain. If you can just let your imagination run wild, you will have the best time taking lovely images.

For those who are still starting on their photography hobby, you can decide to click away when the rain has stopped. By then, the scene is clear and more clean. Remember to focus on your subjects and decide on the angle and camera mode you’ll be using.

But you can always try shooting when it’s raining if you want to discover how you fare. Typically, photos of falling rain can come out blurred so you have to know the tricks to take clearer photographs. A significant point to remember is to control your digital camera’s shutter speed to amplify the picture and prevent it from becoming blurry.

Also consider utilizing the aperture priority mode. This will assist you capture photos with more depth and light. A wider camera aperture is ideal for taking shots of rain drops.

Using the macro mode is additionally an interesting way of capturing lovely photographs especially after the rain. This will help you extraordinarily if you wish to take close-up shots of a petal or grass with tiny water droplets in sharp colors. Keep in mind, though, to make your background blurry so that the focus of your picture remains on your subject and its details.

Photographing reflections is additionally a good idea during wet weather. After the rain, you can see reflections and shadows everywhere so why not utilize your imagination and capture unique subjects. Just make sure that your own reflection is not visible when you’re clicking away. You may be even lucky if a rainbow appears and that would be a sign for you to take those shots of it including its reflection in whatever surface you find interesting.

Don’t neglect to protect your digital camera and its accessories from water. A few drops would be okay to fall on your photographic device but it’s still best to use a cover for the camera. A camera housing that is waterproof is perfect but a zip lock can help too. Just make a hole for your camera lens and you’re prepared to snap away.

Otherwise, you can shoot under an umbrella or from inside your vehicle. Another choice is to shoot from your home’s window.

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