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How to Play Acoustic Guitar :- Beginners Tips & Tricks

Looking for ways to play acoustic guitar?

Then we can say that you’re lucky since you have reached the right place. In this post, we have referenced the ways to play an acoustic guitar and the benefits of choosing it over an electric guitar.

Let’s dive into the details and get familiar with acoustic guitar.

How to play Acoustic guitar?

When you are learning to play acoustic guitar, it is important to get some significant chords. We recommend you determine the G and C chords because there are very prominent and useful. No other chords are higher priority than these two.

Let’s discover out some beginner chords which help you to learn how to play an acoustic guitar easily.

G6 Chord:

You can utilize the G6 chord as a substitute for any G chord. Here are the steps to play the G6 chord using acoustic guitar:

  • It would help if you place your index finger on the third fret of E string.
  • Then place your first finger on the second fret of the A string.
  • Now, play all the strings at once.

The sound that you are hearing is the G6 chord. You can discover many different ways to play G chords. This is just an example for you to learn the basic chords.

C Major 7

C Major 7 is a fantastic chord that is easy to play and sounds fantastic. You can utilize this chord as a substitute for any C chord. You can follow the below steps to play this chord:

  • It would help if you keep your index finger on the third fret of the A string.
  • Then place your first finger on the second fret of the D string.
  • Now, begin playing from the A string. This is what we call a C Major 7 chord.

Why should you learn on an Acoustic Guitar?

Learning guitar can get a new experience and a change in your life. If you have an interest or passion for music, then you should try learning guitar.

It plays a significant role in shaping you to learn how to view the world and understand yourself better. Let’s get to know how to play the acoustic guitar and the benefits of playing it.

The most common question people get when learning a guitar is which one to choose between electric and acoustic guitar.

For this, you need first to learn the difference between electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Each has their extraordinary specifications and tuning.

So there is no right or wrong choice. Our post will assist you understand the benefits of choosing an acoustic guitar as your first instrument.

Benefits of playing Acoustic Guitar:

1. Inexpensive:

​Compared to electric guitar, an acoustic guitar is less expensive, and you will regularly spend less on your first instrument.

Since you don’t need an instrument cable, amp, and other accessories, it will cost you a piece less.

You can buy a better-quality acoustic instrument for an amount that other people spend on purchasing amp and other electric accessories.

As a beginner, it is always an superb decision to buy an acoustic guitar since you will never know till when you stay with it.

2. Easily portable:

​It is easy to pack your acoustic guitar and travel around the world. If you purchase an electric guitar, you need to set up the darned amp and hook the cables to the guitar and everything together.

Though it might not be a big deal, it is still confusing to the learners, and it can be a hassle.

If you are intending to carry your guitar to learn lessons or around town, then playing an acoustic instrument will be a lot simpler for you.

An electric guitar requires an amp for you to plug into wherever you travel. You can practice anyplace if you choose an acoustic guitar.

You can carry your guitar anyplace like lawn, woods for some inspiration as you don’t have to connect your guitar to an amp. 

3. Simple:

When you purchase an electric guitar, you need to think a lot. You need to get your guitar, electronics, knobs, and switches.

You need to connect all, which makes it a complex set of knobs, and you also need to be near an electric source.

Once, with acoustic guitar, everything will become easy and simple. You need to take it out of the case and tune it to start playing.

You don’t have to worry about anything, and you can keep all your focus on learning guitar.

Once you become a specialist in playing guitar, you can add an acoustic guitar amp if you want to perform in front of a crowd or join a band.

4. Get familiar with the Basics quickly:

When you’re learning guitar, there is no fundamental path than to start playing some simple chords on an acoustic guitar.

You don’t need to stress over about how to play the songs, either solo or complicated.

If you are planning to become a guitarist, then this is the most ideal approach to choose so that you can focus only on learning chord vocabulary.

Even however you only know a few chords, you can still tune many songs, and you can also learn to play on acoustic guitar.

It is an incredible method to expand your horizons as a player, and you can generally play new songs in an extraordinary way.

Of course, you can do the same on the electric guitar also. However, most of the songs you play on an electric guitar will feature complex elements.

5. Practice lyrics and write songs:

​Some individuals like to sing and write songs, and hence they choose a guitar.

The electric guitar will likewise meet your requirements; however, it is smarter to pick this when you will be doing it with a band.

If you need to do it solo and don’t want to find any band members in the meantime, you can prefer the acoustic instrument.

Not all will have the desire to sing or compose songs and lyrics.

You can accept with the flow. When learning the basics of the guitar, you can likewise give it a try to start working on your songwriting skills. This will assist you to shape your music elegantly.

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