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5 Best Sewing Techniques to Learn for Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are the best creative person on planet. But without the basics, creativity can’t be transformed into a beautiful piece of art. Sewing or stitching is the fundamental of fashion designing. Most of the fashion design institutes in India or around the world teach their students the fundamental of sewing.

It is one of the oldest forms of art, dating back from the paleolithic era. Sewing is very rewarding and full of creativity for the purpose of learning! When you learn how to sew, you get the ability to express yourself through the designs you create. You can create personal designs for home, create resources for remaking or even mending of clothes, create gifts, design wardrobes, and even become a professional fashion designer to enhance your career.

A skill of sewing covers a lot of skills like usage of a sewing machine, hand knitting, usage of presser fit, materials knowledge, and even creating the best designs from wastage of materials. The sewing machine market is already picking up from the offline to online retails, which is a sort of indication of the trending sewing methods in the modern era of fashion designing.

The fashion industry itself is going through a metamorphosis. From the ancient arts like couture sewing to the modern apocalyptic designs, everything has been changed. This transformation has made inroads into the consumer markets and created an opportunity for budding designers to leverage it.

The global clothing and apparel market had a revenue of nearly $758.4 billion in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5%. The market is set to grow at a CAGR of 11.8% which will be a revenue of $1,182.9 billion by 2022. It displays the volume of market that can assist you to understand the importance of learning the basics of such an industry.

So, let’s find some of the best sewing techniques to learn in 2020.

1. Stitching

Stay stitching is actually a single line of stitching. This stitching is done through one layer of fabric. With this method, you can stabilize the fabric and prevent stretching or distortion of the fabric.

You may think of skipping this step and yet its the most essential part of handmade clothing drapes. Usage of this technique can define the difference between a garment designed well and a garment that can be worn well.

It is used for fabrics with a bias cut. These fabrics can be easily distorted during the cuts. This is why the usage of stay stitching ensures pieces fit each other and at most important portions of fabric, creating designs like neckless or curved cuts.

2. Appliques

An applique is mostly done by hand and many times on the machine. But, if you are sewing your design at your house, then hand sewing is not a bad option at all. Though you will also need a home sewing machine now and then. With the machine, you can sew the raw edges.

These raw edges cover the fabric in a decorative manner post the applique sewing. It is commonly used to add small details to your garment making it more attractive than ever.

3. Velvet Sewing

Velvet is a fabric that is never easy to sew. Especially for beginners, it is a technique that needs thorough earning. Many fashion designers understand the nature of velvet fabric. And for beginners, it may be good to take on a professional fashion design course to learn the velvet sewing technique.

You can Start the velvet sewing from the machine or try it sewing from the hand. Either way, it is essential to learn the basics of velvet sewing from experienced faculties at a fashion design colleges. With the access of excellent labs, sewing machines and professional mentors it becomes relatively easy for beginners.

Finger pressing is believed to be one of the finest techniques of velvet sewing. It will help you in taking control of the velvet fabric by pressing on the sides. As you stitch, you need to press the sides by your finger one by one. It is important that you are not too hard on the velvet while ironing and flip the fabric when you iron it.

4. Seam Finishing

You might have noticed considerable seams on the inner side of the fabric. These seams often spoil the look of your garment if not handled properly. So, What we can really do to handle such seams so the dress can look fabulous from the different side too?

Well, you can use sharp shears. This method makes sure that there is a long strip cut from the fabric. These strips are used to cover the visible seams. Once you cover them, stitch to make it clean.

With seam finishing the look of every other dress or apparel can be changed from the inside by attaching colorful strips or other patterns too. The overall look may suggest that you have designed the dress in that particular way.

5. Couture Sewing

One of the ancient forms of sewing techniques and every fashion designing student’s dream is Couture sewing. From the time of Napolean Bonaparte, couture sewing has been the sewing technique used for royal apparel designs and high-end fashion.

There is no doubt that learning the couture sewing technique can assist any upcoming designer to be placed into bigger fashion houses. As fashion designers. Couture sewing techniques are really challenging. As it is a form of hand-stitched clothing method. It starts from a Muslin and ends at the most exquisite fairy tale dresses.


Fashion Designing is not just an apparel design. It is also the sewing work that makes these designs come alive. A well-crafted design can make look anyone attractive. And that is the true beauty of fashion. So, don’t just dare to dream, but, fulfill your dreams!

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