Dancing Isn’t Just For Girls, Boys Can Do Also

Dance class isn’t always about girls twirling in tutus, dancing is for boys too! At many School of Dance there are “boys only” dance classes available and boys are also welcome to dance in  all of classes. There instructors are trained to teach both boys and girls to enjoy and excel at a variety of dance styles.

Boys are equally talented as dancers as girls. If a girl can dance, so can a boy! If your son is interested in dance, be supportive and help him experience all the fun and energy dance class can bring.


If your child is interested in dancing but feels nervous about attending a class because they are a boy, we understand! Unfortunately, there are sometimes negative reactions to boys and men who are interested in dance. Instructers are doing their best to overcome that at their dance studio.


All of instructors should love to dance! They pass along that love and energy to every student, regardless of their gender. Instructors are trained to help male dancers use their strength and energy to express themselves and successfully enjoy dancing.


If your child is active in a sport like basketball, football, hockey, soccer, or baseball, dancing can help them excel there too. Team sports and dance are both very physically challenging and require a high level of skill and movement. We remind all male students that many professional sports teams use dance styles like ballet to help their athletes improve their strength and flexibility.


Students are dancing together, instructors create an atmosphere of teamwork. When students are working together to learn specific choreography, they build friendships and trust and tend to lose the tendency to feel self-conscious while they dance.


Many of the questions gets from the parents of male dancers are about what they’re required to wear. We want to make sure every dancer is comfortable in their dance attire and ensure all recital costumes chosen for male dancers are appropriate and comfortable as well.


If your child is interested in dancing but isn’t sure if it’s for them, they can try a class for free as available in market. They can even make a friend to increase interest! Sometimes boys lose their hesitancy to try a dance class if they have a friend with them, then they can open up and experience the joy of dance.

Dancing can help your child improve their physical fitness, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Beyond the physical benefits, boys can also learn new ways to express themselves creatively, are encouraged to make friends they may not have made under other circumstances and improve their confidence.

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