Video Marketing Tips that Can Help You Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Despite the many difficulties that living through the COVID-19 pandemic entails, there are still opportunities to successfully promote your brand. As most of us are locked up at home, we’ve just became used to buying and finding products online.

One of the most interesting types of marketing content that has become famous in recent years is video. Because of their entertaining yet informative format, videos can assist you increase awareness about your brand and start new levels of conversation with your audience. And as incredible as it may sound, 2020 might be the best year to place your wagers on video!

Think about it: as most of us don’t have access to physical stores, having videos at hand—regardless of whether they are product reviews, explainer videos, video exercises, or any other type—can be helpful for exploring new brands and getting reliable information about them.

Mapping out a marketing setup for this year is possible, and it’s a extraordinary opportunity you don’t want to miss. To assist you with the task, we’ll review seven relevant video marketing stats to keep in mind when formulating your video marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Projections Look Very Trustworthy

If you have not made videos part of your marketing strategy yet, don’t stress—the Roaring Twenties of video are a reality in progress, and it’s not very late to join the trend!

Nearly all projections about the short term of video marketing are favorable: as per one data source, by 2022 videos will account for 82% of all Internet traffic. That is no less 15X more than in 2017!

As you consider approaches to promote your brand online, remember these numbers in mind: a new video-based strategy might be the primary move in your next success story!

Note: To begin experimenting, consider how your prospects could benefit from video content. For instance, product demos are consistently great for introducing your solution. But if your product is too specific in its setup, perhaps a step-by-step ‘How-To’ video is the one your audience needs.

Videos Influence Buying Decisions

It is normal for clients to flounder a bit before purchasing a product —they have many questions and concerns they need to clear up before making a confident purchasing decision.

That said, by introducing informative and engaging videos into your marketing toolkit, you can successfully address most issues that can arise when prospects approach your brand.

Some data points attest that many online purchasers already tend to rely on videos to inform their buy decisions:

  • 64% of clients report being more likely to purchase a product after watching a video.
  • Similarly, after viewing a product video or a ‘How-To’ video, 65% of consumers report recalling the visuals three days later.

Note: Use videos to communicate to your prospects what’s helpful and unique about your product and brand. Videos are not just great to explain your product, but also to begin a meaningful discussion with your viewers. Connecting with audiences will give your organization a good name and standing in their eyes.

Educational Videos Are Reliable for Engaging Audiences

We have perceived how videos can be entertaining, persuasive, and even fun. But they are additionally great educational resources to convey significant information.

When you combine powerful animation and music with an engaging story, you can clarify any complex idea with ease. For example, by one measure, whiteboard animation videos are said to boost viewers’ data maintenance by as much as 15%.

With the assistance of video, learning and entertainment are mutually reinforcing—they go hand in hand!

Note: You want to utilize animated explainer videos to inform customers about the ins and outs of your product. You can utilize these videos in various forms: from showing customers your product’s features and how it works to representing how it addresses their pain points.

Live Video Is a Popular Choice Among Marketers

Most of us follow at least one social media account for which we have active live notifications. There’s simply something thrilling about being the first to know and take advantage of what’s new about our most loved brands.

An increasing number of organizations are taking notice of this. According to an estimate, 57% of marketers use live video as part of their social communications methodology. And their efforts seem to be right on target: at least on Facebook, users are 4X more likely to watch a live stream than a pre-recorded video.

Note: Live videos are ideal for improving your client communications efforts. You can utilize these types of videos to connect directly with the people that follow your brand by, say, offering live support, responding to their inquiries, or even taking them on an office tour. 

You could also go live to promote your products’ dispatch. When you choose to do so, be sure to announce the live event early on to create interest and fervor around it.

Google Searches Tilt Towards Video

You could say that Google is ‘biased’ in favor of videos. However, don’t take that as a negative assessment of the service. On the contrary, that’s your chance to improve your SEO and watch your substance rise through the ranks!

Give it a try right now: google the name of your favorite brand, and doubtlessly, one of the primary things that you’ll see is a video. This isn’t an issue of mere chance, but of science: Google algorithms are optimized to first display pages that highlight videos.

According to one report, at least 62% of Google results come along with a video—and that number may be significantly higher for brand keywords searches!

Note: Along with images and text, make videos a typical presence on your landing pages and social media posts. Videos are a ideal complement for product description pages.

But videos also pair well with Home pages and ‘About Us’ sections: with a company story video, for example, you can inform visitors about the mission and qualities that drive your brand.

Companies Turn to Both Internal and External Resources to Produce Videos

One of the reasons pushing many advertisers back from experimenting with video marketing is the belief that producing this type of content is very expensive. As reasonable as that intuition is—creating few videos can be pricey—it’s not an issue stopping many brands out there.

52% of small and medium companies rely on a combination of both internal and external assets to create their content. Large organizations do it even more, as many of them meet their production goals through both in-house and outside master resources.

Pro tip: All your videos need a professional completion: bad quality productions can really hurt your brand’s credibility. However, that doesn’t mean you have to make a crazy investment to begin producing your content.

Some types of videos, like product reviews and testimonials, can be handily produced in-house—and they come out even better that way, as they maintain an authentic touch. It is up to you to decide whether upskilling your team will meet the challenge and which areas you will require support.

Facebook Users Engage More with Square Videos

Effective video advertising campaigns involve certain technical aspects—such as video editing, professional animation, and sound mixing—you need to account for to reach your targets. But it’s the small details that are regularly overlooked.

Seemingly trifling choices could have a definitive function in whether your watchers draw in with your video as far as possible. One such model happens on Facebook, where you can increase your number of views by 35% by preferring square recordings over the customary scene view.

This decision could also be more profitable: the similar report found that getting someone to engage with square videos costs 7.5% less than getting them to watch rectangular videos.

Notes: Take the time to research the recommended video dimensions of your hosting platform before uploading your content. Then, optimize it accordingly so you can improve your users’ experience and accomplish better results.

For example, whereas Facebook and Instagram are more friendly towards the square configuration, picking landscape videos for your site, blog, and landing pages is, for the most part, a better choice.

Wrapping Up

Making the video marketing move may be one of the best choice you can take in this restless 2020: videos are expected to become even more prominent among customers and small and large organizations alike.

Some of the key stats we saw today shed light on a crucial lesson: your content should look both professional and relatable in your clients’ eyes. First, it’s basic to account for the technical, platform-specific parts of your video. But it’s just as crucial to address your audience in a friendly manner and to be of real assistance to them.

Many marketers have already tried and succeeded with video. When will you take up the challenge?

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