Tips to Plan an Acting Career in India

Acting as a profession includes more than just performing in films. Working as actors perform live theatre productions, at theme parks, in ads, and on television shows. Being an actor begin their careers, many multiple jobs, such as working as extras in films or TV. Now, the competition for acting positions is extremely high in India. Following is some best plan of an acting career in India.

First thing first

Mumbai is the only place where your acting career can be launched. Most of the production houses are in Mumbai. Most auditions are held in Mumbai, some of them in Andheri west area of Mumbai. Get a spot near Andheri West, there are many paying guest obtainable with twin or triple sharing basis which costs around 5K to 10K per month.

Great Portfolio

Portfolio, one of the most main things in an acting career. You need to get a great portfolio done, through your photos only you will get shortlisted for any characters. You should send this portfolio to different email ids of casting directors, directors, producers, production houses, etc. If they have a character with which your looks suits, they will call you for an interview. Your photographs are very important and therefore you need to get a portfolio done from a good photographer.

Give Auditions

There are two types of auditions, first is open auditions where they will give the age group and if you were suitable in that age group then you are acceptable to give an audition. And second, are nominated auditions where you will be called after they have seen your photos which you would have sent them. In the open auditions, there are fewer chances of selection than in shortlisted once. Do not skip any audition as audition not only gives you a chance to act in serials, advertisements or movies but also trains you acting. Audition information can be available online, production houses and WhatsApp groups.

Good physique

A good physique is not required but it gives you an additional chance of getting selected likewise these days it’s a trend in the industry so you will have to go according to industry standards. Have a healthy diet, by the time you will start working on the industry, you will have a perfect physique which will assist you to build you career. Having a proper diet and following a good skincare routine can help you maintain a good complexion, which will help you look magnificent on camera.

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