7 Amazing Facts About Shah Rukh Khan’s House ‘Mannat’

Mannat — the almost unbelievable rendition of a quintessential royal residence, is surrounded with fans from all over the country, just to catch a fleeting glimpse of the country’s heart breaker, none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

Situated in Lands End, Bandstand with a breathtaking view of the ocean, the spectacular abode of one of the biggest celebs of the nation is every bit luxurious as one could imagine it to be.

Interestingly, Mannat was not developed at the lavish open space by SRK himself, it was indeed a legacy home that originally belonged to a Gujarati individual, who was once SRK’s neighbour. When Shahrukh had his heart set on the house which was then called ‘Villa Vienna’, he decided to meet the then owner, Nariman Dubash. After a lot of persistent convincing, SRK managed to get the house for approx Rs. 13.32 cr at that time, a value which has now shot up to Rs. 250 cr!

Some interesting information on this magical home…

1. The real reason behind why Mannat was purchased

This may come as a surprise, but Shah Rukh wanted an exclusive prayer room, which is why he wanted to construct a house on his own terms, the land of opportunities—Mumbai(Maharashtra). He has even quoted that, “Even if I was broke one day, I would sell everything, but not Mannat.”

2. An architecture that will make your jaw drop.

Exquisite Italian architecture, and intricate neo-classical components to boast of—the insides of the house are the perfect blend of modern and stylish, adorned with curios and objects of art from around the globe! The multi-storeyed building has two living rooms connected by a system of elevators, which is elegantly done up with paintings by M.F. Hussain, antiques and other valuables. Not only that, the house has an entire floor committed to a playroom for his kids, a library, a private bar, and an entertainment place!

3. Luxurious amenities present besides the obvious BHK!

The palatial structure of building has a second wing which hosts a posh lounge area for story sittings, a kitchen that could make the best chefs of the world drool, and a series of offices and studios where the mega-star works. Fun fact: SRK and Gauri wanted a boxing ring, a table tennis table, and a lavish pool area. They included everything, that is an easy decisionWhen you’re rich AF, why make compromises rigghhhttt?

4. World Rank

Not only is the mansion the most looked after ‘dream home’ in India, it positions 10th in the list of top houses in the world. Woah!

5. The story behind the name ‘Mannat’

When Shah Rukh was finally able to purchase his dream house, Villa Vienna—he had thought of calling it Jannat. But, no sooner did he purchase the house than all his wishes started coming true, and his career hit an all-time high. So he changed his mind, and ended up naming it—Mannat. Aww.

6. The number of people that the villa can actually host.

Average size of a house in a rural area is 494 sq.ft, which implies 103 sq.ft per person. For urban area, it is 504 sq. ft., which is 117 sq. ft. per person. If we calculate, roughly such 225 people can reside in Mannat alone! Discussion about frustrated homeless dwellers.

7. When the coffee-table is decorated with a shoe. Wait, What?

A die-hard Tom Dixon fan, and one can safely say he is her greatest inspiration which makes her one of the finest inside designers of the nation. Her endless love, made her display the brand’s iconic shoe at the coffee table in her ‘humble abode’!

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