11 Requirements & 9 Ways To Become A Bollywood Actor

The secret of how to be a film star

Do you know? The necessities to be a Bollywood star or TV actor and how to meet them?

A Must Follow Tips

Though not a cakewalk,  with working on yourself, self-showcasing, hard work, and perseverance, you can definitely be a successful actor/actress in Bollywood, India.

What Should You Have?

11 Essential Requirements

  1. Good looks may help you (particularly in TV serials) however I don’t agree fully with it. You can work on your looks or rather on your general personality by facial exercises, Ayurveda treatments, and yoga.
  2. Good body and its maintenance.
  3. Good voice. You can develop by different vocal exercises.
  4. Very charming nature. 
  5. Reasonably educated, good command on HINDI and a capacity of a well spoken ENGLISH
  6. Excellent ability to remember and that too, quickly. This is of paramount significance, particularly in TV serials where you get your lines just before the shot!
  7. Good acting capacities. You can learn from this free blog or by joining Private and Individual  Coaching
  8. Good networking capabilities- building up entertainment industry contacts by contacting them personally or through social media.
  9. A very high level of patience to withstand  a prolonged struggle (maybe for years) and willingness to face periods of financial instability. 
  10. The beginners should have a reasonable and regular source of income  to meet mandatory requirements like- training, portfolio, registration with artist coordinators/ casting directors, travel expenses for visiting production houses and casting directors, auditions, computer/ smartphone and finally LIVING EXPENSES in Mumbai
  11. A very significant level of emotional stability to withstand repeated rejections, tensions from need to perform well, competition, money and living in Mumbai  

How Should You Develop the above Qualities in you?

Your 9 Steps To Stardom

  1. Learn professional acting either by carefully choosing a good school or if in doubt, for a beginner, the best option could be a personal and expert acting coach
  2. Join gym developing a good and HOT body. If you can’t bear the cost gyms, there are good exercises to practice at home without any money. Think about them here!
  3. Improve your mental health and be strong. Join yoga classes or practice at home to learn relaxation and mental balance
  4. Make an expert portfolio of about 7 to 10 pictures, to begin with, where you look exactly as you are. No dark glasses (Let casting directors see your eyes!).
  5. Complete your graduation since it’s a long struggle with financial instability. Being a graduate and having an additional skill like IT, Marketing, Teaching, etc. may help you to support financially to fulfill your dream to be an actor. Knowing spoken English well  helps you to network with cine industry and creates a favorable impression, apart from being comfortable with English dialogs in a film / TV serial 
  6. Start building your contacts in the industry by networking through creating and updating of your profile/ page on a regular basis on social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc), emailing your profile, monologs, your website, and showreel.
  7. Register yourself with at least 3 to 4 good coordinators (Select from posts in this blog) 
  8. Do not restrict your efforts only to one field, e.g. Bollywood films. Enter in modeling, TV serials, commercial ads, and print. Just hit all opportunities available
  9. Remember that acting is a business and you have to be a good businessman or a woman. You can’t live in emptiness without money or with your parents/ relatives/ friends charity forever!

Finally, have confidence and faith in yourself and go on struggling, at least for 3 years

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